Brock Lesnar UFC 100 Winner Over Frank Mir In Second Round Via TKO

Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar UFC 100 winner over Frank Mir in second round via TKO at 1:48 mark and stopped by referee. Mir received over a dozen swift blows to the face from Lesnar’s ground and pound routine. His pure size and force was unstoppable.

One of the biggest and most anticipated events in Ultimate Fighting Championship history is the heavyweight fight between these two opponents.  The quick match in the Octagon took place at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to a completely packed house of 10,842 mixed martial arts fans.

This was only the fifth fight Lesnar participated in for the mma arena.  His last fight was a loss and a complete departure from this performance at UFC 100.  He spent most of his energy early on and was overcome by his opponent.

Remembering that he shouldn’t spend all of his energy early on and keep a watchful eye of staying off a submission.  During the first round Mir was gaining points for Lesnar being submissive.  Mir was shaken after the first round after some body shots from the heavy weight made contact.

Frank Mir knew he needed to get the heavyweight Minnesotan up but was forced to the cage of the Octagon.  Lesnar’s technique was raw and similar to the show tactics of World Wrestling Entertainment.  He kept the fight close to the cage.

Brock pounded Frank Mir’s face until it was bloodied and visible with signs of a beating.  The second round was quick to be called to a halt from further punishing at the 1:48 mark.

The former 280 pound wrestler brought his over the top antics to the Octagon.  Foaming at the mouth and pissing off the audience probably hasn’t been seen in all of Ultimate Fighting Championship to this degree of a fighter after the match including “Hunting Beach Bad Boy,“ Tito Ortiz.

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